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QP3 L'époque des traumatismes - The era of traumatism

L’epoca dei traumi, Colette Soler.
Gaia Marotta
Il Foglio, 02/04/2005

QP3 L'époque des traumatismes - The era of traumatism

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Edition French / English. Praxis–FCL in Italia and FCL Tel-Aviv Terrorism, genocide, wars, natural catastrophes. Contemporary societies, wherever they are –effect of globalization– are now liable to traumatic shocks. Unforeseen irruptions of the real that inscribe an indelible mark on the lives of those who suffer them. Facing all the horrors of our civilizations, the subjects reveal their differences, because the reading everybody makes of the traumatic event carries the mark of his own unconscious and that of the collective discourse. As common opinion on traumatic causality locates the subject into a less and less responsible position vis-à-vis of his symptoms –often presenting him as a mere victim– the texts by Colette Soler shed light on the function and place of traumatism in the symptoms and destiny of everybody. Texts by: Colette Soler Preface: Patrick Barillot Edited by Diego Mautino